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Erica Valentine (エリカ バレンタイン) LATEST ALBUMS

ericamusic and Erica's latest album is produced by the music label

Erica Valentine(エリカバレンタイン)’s official music distribution and video distribution (VEVO) site that aims to become a singer in the world.ion (VEVO) site that aims to become a singer in the world.

Erica Valentine(エリカバレンタイン)! Latest music ``Alive in your Galaxy``

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The latest news of singer Erica!

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Erica World Music!

Erica Valentine (エリカ バレンタイン) is an Italian-born music artist. New song released from music label! Alive Galaxy is in charge of writing, composing, and arranging!

Erica Valentine (エリカ バレンタイン) wants to keep singing for families and holes where her world can listen to her music and have a little fun.

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