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EDM based song

EDM based song

EDM based song

An EDM based song that gained huge success was Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. The song got very mixed reviews and was the talk of the town for a long span. The negative reviews were due to its meaningless lyrics which really do not make much sense if you read them. However, the song was still a big hit because of its beat and musical which is exactly the point being proved here; EDM music fans do not generally care much about the lyrics and it’s the music and the beat that gain the audience and make people love EDM.
Halsey, who featured in the song, got extremely popular after this song even though her part was not really big. Even though she had a couple of albums under her belt before the song, they weren’t that famous. The song, therefore, made possible that her previous as well as upcoming albums gained success.
The song is still a party thriller and has an amazing beat and tune. It is still earning a lot for the band though YouTube, concerts and private performances.

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